Centers for Cognitive Disorders

Looking to the future of healthcare for a rapidly aging population doesn’t require a lot of imagination to see that visionary providers need to link together specialized, accessible and reliable program offerings to meet the needs of the elderly. The incidence of dementia continues to rise in the aging “Baby Boom” segment. Providing inpatient intervention for this population continues to be an essential segment of the continuum of care for the elderly. Our company’s principals have helped plan, develop and operate dozens of successful programs.

Memory Care Clinics

According to a recent Met Life/Harris survey, people over the age of 45 are more concerned about losing their cognitive abilities than they are about heart disease or stroke. Our company has established several outpatient Memory Clinics offering diagnosis and therapy to arrest the progress of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


Free Standing Pavilions

Our company developed the strategic relationship with Lee Memorial Health System of Fort Myers, FL which led to the development and opening of Park Royal Hospital on the campus of Lee HealthPark Medical Center. This 114-bed inpatient facility is designed to meet the needs of elderly and adult behavioral patients in a 500,000+ adult market place. In addition to leading the CON process, our principals led the way to $23,000,000 in financing.

The company specializes in providing the full range of mental health services in rural non-competitive markets. Including:

  • Telepsychiatry and Tele-Mental-Health

  • Pavilions and Free Standing Psychiatric Hospitals

  • Centers for Cognitive Disorders (In Hospitals and Nursing Homes)

  • Outpatient and Memory Care Clinics